hey how's it goin?


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my name is kae c: i'm an amateur variety streamer on twitch, just trying to find my footing in the space. lately, i've been doing more art streams so i can brush up on my emotes a bit more, and i've been super proud of that! i missed out on a lot of game franchises growing up bc of my obsession with pokemon, so when i'm not doing art, i've been trying to play more retro/flash games!

i'd like to create a space where i can chill and build connections with new people; all while challenging myself to tap into my creativity and push my own boundaries a bit more! thus far, i'd say i've made 80% of the assets i use and i'm eager (and SUPER nervous) to keep at it! maybe one of these days i'll take a proper leap into editing and not jump STRAIGHT into full fledged videos....

but i'm pumped to be here! i can't wait to see what you've all got cooking, and hopefully, i can cook right alongside you. c: