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slime2 version
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Rounded box chat!

Built using slime2:
Created from Zaytri's base Slime Chat:

〚Useful Links〛

  • Username colors can be taken from Twitch, but can also be customized to your liking
  • Customizable box colors
  • Shows pronouns from
  • Shows channel emotes from Twitch, FrankerFaceZ, and BetterTTV, and global emotes from just Twitch
  • Automatically deletes messages from moderator actions

〚Terms of Use〛
  • Do not claim this as your own or resell it
  • You may modify this to create your own slime2 widget, and you can freely share or sell that widget
  • Feel free to post your widget here on the forums:
  • Credit is not necessary, but appreciated ♡
  • rounded box chat preview.png
    rounded box chat preview.png
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