1. cafeaunat

    ✅ Free Bubble Chat 1.1.0

    Bubble Chat by @cafeaunat 🫧 ✶ this chat was based on zaytri's slime chat widget this means most features from slime chat also applies to bubble chat, such as: pronouns, dynamic emote sizes, filters, animations, chat alignment... ✶ this...
  2. BagelGremlin

    Is there a way to import custom CSS/etc layout data for a chatbox?

    Howdly doodly! I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I was wondering if there was a way that any of the chatboxes currently available could have custom data imported? I'm looking to move away from St*********nts, but I don't want to lose the custom chatbox I had paid for that's, so...
  3. karadise

    How to swap usernames to other side?

    Hello!! I am loving slime so far, it's so cute and versatile I'm glad I'm finally trying it out!! I have my chat oriented to the right (which i got working) but was wondering if there's a way to make the usernames appear/align on the right of the chat message instead of the left? To make it...
  4. Zaytri

    ✅ Free Scrolling Chat 2.0.3

    A Twitch chat overlay where messages scroll across the screen, similar to comments in Niconico videos! Preview Useful Links Setup: Customization...
  5. Zaytri

    ✅ Free Slime Chat 3.2.3

    Slime Chat Widget for slime2! Preview Setup Terms of Use Do not claim this as your own or resell it You may modify this to create your own slime2 widget, and you can freely share or sell that widget Feel free to post...
  6. Zaytri

    ✅ Paid Villager Chat 2.1.2

    Animal Crossing inspired chat overlay for Twitch! Preview View the Gallery for more screenshots: Features Villager Assignment Every chatter is randomly assigned a villager, with a new random assignment every...