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slime2 version
Bubble Chat by @cafeaunat 🫧

✶ this chat was based on zaytri's slime chat widget https://forums.slime2.stream/resources/slime-chat.10/
this means most features from slime chat also applies to bubble chat, such as: pronouns, dynamic emote sizes, filters, animations, chat alignment...

✶ this thread walks you through how to set up a slime2-widget https://forums.slime2.stream/resources/widget-setup.3/

Other features
◦ choose between preset color themes, use twitch username colors (light), or choose your own colors freely (background and text color) – the preset colors are from catppuccin ☕
upload your own badges to replace twitch's default badges

Terms of use
◦ do not claim this as your own, and/or resell it
◦ i would appreciate it if you do not modify this to make your own widget, but feel free to look at the code or ask me questions directly.
◦ credit is not necessary, but appreciated.
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Latest updates

  1. Bubble Chat v1.1.0 — username colors from twitch & exit animation fix

    new features ✦ option to use twitch username colors (this uses the light version of username...
  2. Bubble Chat v.1.0.2 — width and alignment

    📦 updated the widget to address issues with width and alignment!
  3. Bubble Chat v.1.0.1 — quick-fix

    there was an issue where custom colors would not show up; this should be solved now with this...

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