What is slime2?


slime2 is local stream overlay system!
It allows widget developers to easily create overlays that run locally on your computer.

Why is it called slime2?
  • The full name is slime 2 stream, because it rhymes with time to stream, but I like calling it slime2 for short!
Which streaming platforms does slime2 support?
  • Just Twitch for now. I have been working on adding YouTube support, but it's a long process.
Which streaming software works with slime2 widgets?
  • Any streaming software that supports a browser source that can load local HTML files (such as OBS) can load a slime2 widget.
Where can I find slime2 widgets?
What makes this different from StreamElements, Streamlabs, Mix It Up, Streamer.bot, etc.?
  • slime2 runs entirely from your computer. The only thing it does externally is use the downloaded key to get your Twitch authentication details from the slime2 online database, and then it uses that to connect to Twitch directly. Unlike other local bot options, you don't need to remember to run it before opening OBS, because it runs automatically from the HTML file.
Why did you make slime2?
  • I wanted a better developer experience for making custom stream widgets. StreamElements was a pretty good option, but I ran into so many limitations with it, and they never bothered to improve it, so I finally made my own! I also do know that there are many streamers (including me) who want to switch away from their reliance on StreamElements, so I wanted to give them that option.
Is slime2 a paid service?
  • slime2 will always be free to use and make widgets from. Widget developers can choose to make either paid or free widgets, but the underlying software of slime2 that makes them work will always be free. Any money that widget developers make from paid widgets is theirs to keep.
How can I support the development of slime2?
What kinds of widgets can be made with slime2?
  • Mostly just chat widgets. Currently, slime2 is only able to fetch data from Twitch chat. Events like subscriptions, raids, and such aren't yet supported. However, slime2 can also be used to create widgets that don't rely on stream data.
How do I create a slime2 widget?
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